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This is the page where you will find all the information on how this website collects, uses, and stores as well as protects your personal data. Please take into account that this is the section where the terms “RetireBy37’, ‘us’, and ‘we’ mean the owners of this website. ‘You’ means all the people who visit, read, and use this website.

If, in the future, we will ask you for any type of personally identifiable data, we shall do so as per the Privacy Policy set forward here. Please note that the website has the right to adjust this Privacy Policy how and when it sees fit, without any prior announcement to its users. However, you can always see the latest updates as well as their date on the website. Therefore, we recommend you come back to this page on a regular basis and read it.

If you have used and visited this website, that implies that you agree with the Privacy Policy which you are currently reading as well as with the terms specified on our Terms of Use page.

Since your privacy and that of your data is so important to us, we kindly ask you to further read about the types of data that we collect in this website and what we use it for.

Information We Collect

When we receive visitors, there is a possibility we collect the following information.

  • Contact data that may contain your phone number or mail address.
  • Demographic information, such as where you are located from a geographic point of view, how old you are, what are your interests and preferences.
  • Some more data that we may consider relevant so that we can offer you a complete and interesting experience on our website.

How We Use the Information

The only use we have for the information we gather is so that we can create a positive experience for you on our website. We would like to improve your experience and customize it according to what you prefer and like.

Apart from that, we can also use your contact information to send you promotional materials as well as for market research purposes. In the same way, we can use this data in case we need to answer questions you asked us. Here are some additional uses.

  • Up the quality of our website as per the feedback we receive.
  • Send emails.
  • Increase our website’s usability.
  • Improve our user’s experience.

The Use of Cookies

Our website,, uses Cookies. Cookies are small files which we place in your device while you surf our website so that we can analyze web traffic and make sure to create customized responses. Therefore, the cookies that we place are what allow us to tailor your search according to what you like, dislike or need.

When we what to exactly identify what kind of pages you access, we use specific traffic log cookies. All the data they collect is used with the only purpose of performing statistical analysis. It’s a process which aids us in understanding which are the pages that you like best. Cookies are never linked to data that is personally identifiable.

If you want, you can always refuse to have these files installed on your device. To do that, visit the settings of your browser.

Using Log Files uses log files such as the following.

  • Time and Date stamps
  • Internet protocol Address (IP)
  • Internet service provider (ISP)
  • Browser type
  • Referring and exit pages.

Neither one of these log files is ever linked to personally identifiable data. All of them will be used to improve the website as well as to monitor you while you move across the site itself. Some of them will be linked to demographic data.

Third Party Links and Ads

While you are visiting our website, might run into some links or even some ads that invite you to visit another site or a third party page. All these are included into our own website so that we can give you a complete experience. However, we ask that you be aware of the following. The other websites might have some other policies when it comes to cookies. Therefore, they can install their own on your device. If they collect, use, and store your data while you visit their website, those actions will be governed by their own Privacy Policy.

As a result, we cannot be held responsible or liable if any data is damaged or lost while you access those links. We wish to provide you with a safe and secure environment. However, our Privacy policy only extends to our website.

Data Security

Our determination is to keep all your data private and secure. Therefore, all the information we stock is secured by a series of managerial, physical, and electronic processes.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find all the details on our Contact Us Page!