IPA Membership Review

Investment real estate is a critical component in many retirement portfolios, and it may be incredibly important to yours if you plan to retire by the age of 37. This is because real estate investments may be lucrative and qualify you for excellent tax discounts and other incredible benefits. Our IPA membership review will help you determine if being part of the association would be advantageous for you.

Investment Program Association, or IPA, is a national trade organization that you may be thinking about joining as part of your overall career and retirement plan.

What Is IPA?

As you read through an IPA membership review, you will gain a better understanding of where the focus of this reputable and powerful trade group lies. This is largely a political group that advocates on behalf of investment property owners and related industry players in different ways. This includes REITs, lenders, broker-dealers, service providers and many others.

The key benefits associated with an IPA membership are related to being involved in one or more committees, and members are actively invited to join any of the 15 groups or committees that they are most interested in. By reading through an IPA membership review today, you may be able to learn how effective some of these groups have been when lobbying in Washington for change in different ways and how the efforts of IPA committee members have actively created positive results in the industry.

How Does It Work?

If you have never participated in a group like Investment Program Association, you may be reading through an IPA membership review to learn more about how the process works and if this is a group that you would feel comfortable participating in. Initially, you can learn more about the group and the various committees to determine if this is a group that you want to actively be a part of. Remember that the real benefits come from active participation rather than passive membership, and you need to ensure that the causes that it supports and advocates for are important and relevant to you and your goals.

You can choose the type of membership you want to purchase based on your role in the investment real estate world. When you sign up for membership with IPA, you can also use the website’s education area to learn more about different topics that its members and groups are currently tracking and identifying how you can participate. Education is critical for active participation in the legal process, and you will find that you become a much more well-educated investment real estate professional through your active participation in this group. There are both high-level and low-level participation levels available based on your time availability and interest level.

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The reality is that important decisions are made each day that affect those who work in the investment real estate world. This includes the passage of laws related to taxation, tenant-landlord issues and much more. These are issues that can affect your active investments’ profitability as well as the potential profitability of your future investments.

  • Diversified portfolio. You understandably want to create a diversified portfolio that provides you with an excellent stream of income. As a result you can enjoy this income throughout your retirement years. Additionally, you can see from reading through an IPA membership review how your active participation in the governance of this industry’s regulations is critical if you want to remain as profitable from your real estate investment activities over the years.
  • Networking opportunities. A side benefit associated with an IPA membership is that you will have ample opportunities to meet new industry professionals. Through your participation in committees as well as your attendance at special events and conferences, you can meet new contacts and develop great relationships. Some of these relationships may help you to generate even greater profits through your personal portfolio in different ways.
  • Learning opportunity. Many people also enjoy the educational aspect of an IPA membership. You may be able to learn more about both sides of current issues being debated and see how the issues may affect your life in different ways. You may also be able to expand your understanding of the industry as a whole, and this can make you a more well-rounded real estate professional or investor.


Any time you participate actively in an organization, you may place yourself at risk in different ways. You may be reading through an IPA membership review today to determine how risky it may be for you to be an active member in this organization. One risk is related to a loss of funds. There is a membership fee as well as a continued annual fee that you will need to pay to be a part of this group. Many members feel that their fees are well-spent by the organization because it advocates for their rights in Washington, D.C. However, there is a chance that you may feel as though this money could have been better spent and invested elsewhere. As is the case with any financial decision you make, there is always a potential opportunity cost to consider.

Remember that if you plan to retire by the age of 37, how you spend both your time and money are critical to achieving your goals. You need to focus all of money and effort on the same goal, and you need to ensure that an IPA membership is in your best interest before you make the decision to start actively participating in IPA and paying an annual membership fee. Active membership in this group may require a considerable amount of time, and you need to ensure that this is the best use of your time.


By reading through an IPA membership review today, you may be looking for legitimate and realistic examples of how membership has benefited other people and how it may benefit you.

For example, one individual may have joined the organization last year as an active broker working in the area of buying and selling investment properties for his clients as well as for his own portfolio. His primary interest may have been in advocating for specific legal issues that were going to be passing through Congress within the next year and that personally affected both him and his clients.

His goal of retiring by the age of 37 was directly hinged on the outcome of the legislative debate. He became an active advocate in one of the IPA committees. In the process, he also developed great relationships with a few lenders and asset managers. These relationships have helped him to take his career to the next level. In these ways, an IPA membership has had a truly positive impact on his personal and professional life.

Bottom Line

If you are reading an IPA membership review today and are wondering if this is an organization that you want to actively contribute your time and money to, consider exploring the website in greater detail. Under the Advocacy section of the website, you will find numerous current topics that the group is working on. By taking this step, you may be able to determine if this is a group that actively works in your interest and that you can feel passionate about supporting.

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