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The company slogan promotes FreedomSoft as the only all-inclusive product offering “push-button real estate investing”. After comparing FreedomSoft and three of its strongest competitors, we believe that the FreedomSoft system certainly delivers on that promise.

What Is FreedomSoft?

FreedomSoft is a complete software system that brings together all the software tools required to be successful investing in real estate and integrates them into one cohesive package that is designed to be user friendly. The software allows anyone, regardless of experience level, to begin investing in real estate. 

Product Specs  

FreedomSoft is specifically designed to be an all-inclusive, turnkey solution with every tool needed for every stage of the deal all seamlessly integrated into a single cohesive package. Let’s take a look at the key features and tools included in the FreedomSoft System.

Quick Start Success Forum & Training Videos

Quick Start Success training videos are included in the system and can be used as often as needed for personal instruction or to help new hires learn how-to get the most out of the system’s key features. Users can find even more in-depth advice, tips, and tricks in the user forums

The FreedomSoft Cash Buyer Database 

The FreedomSoft Cash Buyer Database is the proprietary lead generating resource that users will rely on to provide them with the contact information of motivated property sellers and buyers actively looking to purchase property. The FreedomSoft system includes full access to a nationwide database of cash buyers and allows users to conduct unlimited searches of as many geographic locations as they desire.

Built-in filters allow users to narrow the focus of database searches and generate a list of leads by state, city, county, or zip code. Search results will disclose the name and contact information for each buyer, the number of properties they have purchased, the physical addresses of their past purchases, when they purchased each property and how much they paid. Users can then parse these results to create a precisely targeted direct mail campaign with just a few clicks.

Lead Central

Lead Central serves as the center hub of the system’s lead generation and automation platform. Using Lead Central, leads, contacts, and buyers from other systems can be imported into the FreedomSoft system with one click. Outside marketing campaigns, both online and offline, can also be integrated into the FreedomSoft system tools through the Lead Central hub allowing the user to automate all lead capture, organization, and follow-up efforts through one central control hub.

Lead Swiper 

Lead Swiper off-market campaigns are another of the system’s built-in resources. Users have unlimited access to  53 different “Lead Swiper” campaigns which can be used to conduct precision searches and generate customized lists of off-market property leads that are not available to the general public.

Marketing Automation Suite

Workflow Automator automatically assesses individual lead status and completes appropriate tasks at each status change to propel leads forward through the marketing pipeline. Boomerang provides fully integrated e-mail, voice, and text message management including auto-responder capabilities, voice mail, contact information, and report generation.


RehabbersGPS is a number cruncher tool which allows users to quickly type in the known values for a potential investment property and receive a nearly instant cost analysis breakdown. RehabbersGPS offers two powerful analyzers: one for rental property analysis and one for fix and flips. Having a quick, expert analysis available can help users confidently negotiate the best deal possible from contractors through investors. The tool also allows users to gather rehab estimates from local contractors in just a few minutes.

CEO Suite

The CEO Suite provides tracking and analysis tools that allow users to assess the productivity or final results of specific campaigns, employees, teams, or projects. The tracking and analysis tools can be customized to suit users needs, and real-time data can be viewed as graphs and comparisons allowing users to gauge a campaign’s strength and make instant marketing adjustments when needed.

A full feature task manager allows the user to assign or reassign tasks to specific team members and follow up on task progress and completion.


The FreedomSoft System has a three-tier, subscription-based pricing structure. Subscribers can choose the tier that best suits their individual needs and desired price point. The current subscription rates run in the neighborhood of $100 to $300 per month depending on the package selected.

Annual subscribers can take advantage of FreedomSoft’s ongoing offer that grants two free months of service to subscribers when they pay up-front for an annual subscription.

How Does FreedomSoft Rank Against The Competition?

We compared FreedomSoft with its top three competitors: REI Pro, Privy, and RealData. You can find out how FreedomSoft stacked up against the competition in the comparison summaries below.


freedomsoft logo

Price: around $100-$300 per month ($$) 

Ease of use

Setup Time

Design Quality


FreedomSoft is intentionally designed to assist the newbie real estate investor. Training videos and forums are included, and all tools are designed to perform their desired tasks with minimal input from the user.

FreedomSoft System was specifically designed to be a turnkey solution that can be used with zero or one click set-up.

FreedomSoft’s user interfaces feature one click functionality wherever possible. The advanced level software is specifically designed to be easy for the newbie to use right out of the box.

The FreedomSoft purchase agreement states that buyers are entitled to a full refund for cancelations within 30 days of the initial purchase date. After the initial 30-day period, cancelations must be requested 30 days prior to the next billing date. No partial month or pro-rated refunds will be given.. Cancelation requests must be in writing and directed to .support@freedomsoft 


  • Clear, simple instructions for refund requests  
  • Full refund of all monies paid if requested during the first 30 days
  • FreedomSoft strives to honor cancellation requests within 1-2 days of request


  • Cancellation requests must be received 30 days prior to next billing which is a very tight window on a monthly subscription.
  • The company does not offer a   “no questions asked” refund policy after the initial 30 day trial period. Refunds can only be granted for specific reasons.
  • There are no partial or pro-rated refunds so users are likely to have to pay for additional months that they do not use


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REI Pro is the result of a collaboration between owners Brian Goff, a widely renowned REI instructor and best-selling author of two books on the subject, and Bo Manry, an expert marketing pro and software engineer. REI Pro is designed start to finish with newbie investors in mind. The REI Pro system integrates fully with the webinar instruction courses taught by owner Brian Goff.

Price: $110 – $150 monthly ($$)

Three-tier subscription based pricing model. Currently memberships are only available for the first two tiers. Membership in the third tier is closed.

Ease of use

Setup Time

Design Quality


Intentionally designed with newbie investor’s needs in mind. An included 10-step program walks new investors through use of the platform and the real estate investment process.

REI Pro is designed as a turnkey solution and requires zero or one-click set-up.

REI Pro has a beautiful user interface that is designed with the inexperienced user in mind. It features all the bells and whistles experienced investors want with one click functionality for the newbies.

Cancelations requested within the first 30 days during the trial period will not incur charges for use of the product prior to cancelation. After the initial 30 day trial period refunds will not be granted. Subscribers are responsible for all accrued monthly charges until date of cancelation request, including full cost of final month.


  • Phone scripts and question cheat sheets provided to help new investors get the complete story from property owners
  • How-to real estate investment e-book is included for free when users sign up for a 30day trial
  • 10 step system included in all subscriptions shows new investors, step by step, how to use the tools and be successful in the business


  • No refunds
  • 30-day free trial allows users only limited use of the platform
  • The proper steps required to request cancelation are not provided or are not clearly explained


privy logo

A full-featured real estate investment software platform that caters to new investors with little to no experience, Privy offers a novel approach to training new investors by using past investor activity injected into current investment analysis and property data to show what works best and what success looked like at each stage for past investors.

Price: approximately $100 monthly, or $950 annually ($)

Subscription-based pricing model with only one level for all subscribers. Subscribers may choose between a monthly subscription or an annual subscription.

Ease of use

Setup Time

Design Quality


Privy is not specifically designed for first-time users. It does offer a user-friendly interface that is suitable for all experience levels.

Privy does not claim to be a turnkey solution and does require setup. The website claims that required setup is easily completed by most users but support is available if needed 

The Privy platform is not quite as comprehensive as some of its competitors; however, it has all the key tools that most real estate investors desire.

  • Privy offers a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days
  • Sales are considered final and no refunds are issued after 30 days
  • Pros

    • Annual subscription the cost for Privy is much cheaper than the competitors
    • Unique training method using a show and tell tool to provide side-by-side comparison with previous investor data
    • Comprehensive instant comparative market analysis data for every property on the map


    • Currently available in Colorado, Minnesota, Tennessee, Los Angeles, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and Florida only
    • Limited functionality compared to competitors
    • No training videos or webinars offered


    realdata logo

    This product is a powerful Excel-based real estate investment analysis software ideal for portfolios both large and small. Several crucial features help you make the best business decision. These include real estate investment analysis, comparative lease analysis and commercial and industrial development. The detailed reports this program prepares for you reflect the true investment potential of your real estate venture.

    Price: approximately $210-$2000 (software) plus $160 (one-time license fee)($)

    The pricing structure is based on bundled software packages, and a one-time license fee is required to activate the purchased software.  It is not completely clear if there is a monthly subscription charge as well. Many of the tools are offered as an à la carte selections that can be added to the base package for an additional charge.

    Ease of use

    Setup Time

    Design Quality


    RealData is not specifically designed for inexperienced, newbie investors. The software platform does not offer instruction beyond technical tips and basic how-to set up manuals

    The RealData software is not an all-inclusive or turnkey product. The base package is standalone and additional functionality is added through the purchase of plug-in, à la carte software. Installation and setup instructions are in PDF form and require Adobe Reader for reading


    The user interface and tools have a decidedly utilitarian look and feel. The RealData software caters more to experienced investors who don’t need or want point-and-click functionality.

    RealData does not offer refunds for any reason. A sales are considered final when the software is downloaded and installed. 


    • Smooth learning curve
    • Data analysis offers a true indication of the potential of your real estate investment
    • Comprehensive program hosting several features within one package


    • Limited security features
    • Not specifically designed for ease of use by new, inexperienced investors
    • Key tools are sold à la carte and must be installed by the user


    FreedomSoft appears to bring a lot to the table for real estate investors, especially those who are just getting started. The software platform is lacking nothing. In terms of functionality, it has all the bells and whistles built right in.  FreedomSoft includes several training videos at no additional charge that do an excellent job of explaining the basics of each tool in layman’s terms. FreedomSoft is able to stand up against the top competitors,  and for this we ranked it 5 out of 5 stars in nearly every category related to use and functionality.

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