10 Best Real Estate Investment Companies in 2018

In order to achieve your dream of retiring by the age of 37, you must earn as much money as you can during your working years, and invest this money as wisely as possible. Ideally, you will use a large portion of the money that you earn to purchase investments that produce passive streams of income. One idea that you can consider to earn passive income is making a real estate investment. This article takes a closer look at what a real estate investment is and reviews the best real estate investment companies. Thus, if you want to invest in one of the top real estate investment firms, you can make a more informed decision to guide your finances in the years to come.

What Is Real Estate Investment?

Individuals will want to either start a real estate investment company, or to invest in small residential or commercial properties directly. They may take a hands-on approach to managing and running them on a daily basis. This is ideal for investors who want direct control over investments, and do not mind the risk or time commitment. However, this is not the only option available to invest in real estate.

Another way to invest in real estate is to find the best real estate investment companies, and to contribute funds to these firms. A real estate investment company actively pools together funds from qualified investors, and strategically buys, manages and sells property to produce a substantial profit. Investors are typically passive rather than active participants. Each investment company specializes in different types of real estate investments.

Investing money with the best real estate investment companies provides you with a great way to enjoy the benefits associated with real estate investing without having to deal with the burdensome drawbacks associated with day to day operations and management. Research these firms carefully to learn about the best real estate investment companies today.

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Top 10 Real Estate Investment Companies

When you are looking for the best real estate investment companies in the country, it is easy to find numerous contenders. However, the truly best real estate investment companies have a proven track record that extends across many years. These may be top real estate investment firms that currently manage or have held a considerable amount of real estate. They also may have a huge number of investors that they work with regularly. Remember, however, that there are other factors to consider when looking for the right investment company besides numbers and analytical reports. For example, you need to understand and share the company’s real estate investment mentality as well.

10. Oaktree

With a professional, global real estate team that includes experts from the USA, Hong Kong, UK, Korea, and Japan, Oaktree focuses on six areas of real estate investments: corporate real estate, commercial real estate, structured finance, residential real estate, non U.S. real estate, and commercial non-performing loans. The company is constantly expanding its real estate network through investments that provide stable income. they mainly target industrial, multi-family, office and retail properties.

9. Rockpoint Group

Headquartered in Boston, and having additional offices in Dallas and San Francisco, Rockpoint Group targets major coastal real estate opportunities in the United States. The assets they acquire at attractive costs have long-term value, generating value creation opportunities. Their team is made up of experts with an average of 18 years of financial and real estate experience. Privately-held, Rockpoint Group is one of the top real estate investment firms, which establishes long-term, reliable and profitable relationships with its investors.

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8. Realty Shares

Realty Shares is a popular real estate investment company from San Francisco. It allows customers to invest in large commercial and multi-family projects that they have already identified. As little as $5,000 per investor can be contributed for each project. This gives the investor the ability to easily create a diversified real estate portfolio with limited capital and while containing exposure to risk.

7. PASSCO Companies, LLC

A leading contender to consider when you are looking for the best real estate investment companies in the United States is PASSCO Companies, LLC. This real estate firm has been in business for more than 19 years, and it owns and manages investments in 21 states. This includes more than 11,500 multi family units as well as four million square feet of land and commercial space. It currently has more than $2 billion in assets under management. Its focus is on acquiring new properties, as well as on strategically profiting from the gems that it has already found and actively manages.

6. West Realty Advisors

West Realty Advisors is a privately managed and owned firm. It currently allows real estate investors to participate and profit in two different ways. First, they can purchase a property that was recently renovated by West Real Advisors, and manage this property entirely on their own. Second, they can invest in a hedge fund that has historically produced at least a 20 percent rate of return or better. The hedge fund is mostly involved in the buying and selling of residential real estate in markets across the country. It may also participate in other types of real estate investment activities from time to time to take advantage of growth opportunities for its investors.

5. Tishman Speyer

Tishman Speyer has acquired some of its properties as already developed projects, but it also specializes in developing and running properties. To date, this firm has successfully completed more than 325 unique projects. This accounts for more than 92,000 residential units, and more than 116 million square feet of commercial space around the world. Keep in mind that this is one of the top real estate investment firms for both domestic and foreign properties.

4. The Carlyle Group

The Carlyle Group is one of the largest private equity firms in the country. It specializes in the key areas of buyouts, as well as real estate sales, growth capital and leveraged buyouts. It currently has more than $87 million under management. The company has contributed more than $3.6 billion of its own funds to its projects over the years.

3. LaSalle Investment Management

This investment management firm specializes in both public and private property equity projects. While it does work with individual investors, it also actively collaborate with insurance companies, pension funds, and more. This is a large and reputable firm that attracts investors from around the world. The company has real estate investment projects worldwide.

2. Colony Capital

Colony Capital is owned and managed by real estate billionaire Tom Barrack, and is based in Los Angeles. The firm holds a considerable amount of assets in the United States. It also has holdings in markets around the world. This includes assets in most real estate classes. Some of its properties are owned solely by the company, but it does offer joint ventures to outside investors periodically.

1. The Blackstone Group

The Blackstone Group has assets that total more than $24 billion, and this includes a wide range of commercial real estate property types in hot markets across the country. While it holds numerous multi-family and office buildings, it notably owns more hotel properties than any other firm in the country today. It also keeps a large pool of funds available in liquid assets for immediate investment when deals are available.

Bottom Line

Finding the best real estate investment companies is not simply a matter of analyzing rankings and reviewing holdings. The best companies for you to invest with are firms that specialize in the type of real estate that you are interested in. They also should share your management and investment strategy. This means that you may need to conduct more in-depth research about these top real estate investment firms.

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