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Debt issues are a serious problem in the United States. In fact, the Washington Post released an article in 2017 where they described American consumers as “drowning in debt.” They also stated that 33% of Americans have collection-status debt. Debt settlement companies such as Accredited Debt Relief are in business to make things better for consumers who have gotten in too deep. They provide a vast assortment of services that aim to decrease the balances to where the consumer can eliminate them. This Accredited Debt Relief review article is intended for people who have high debt and want to learn more about a company that can help.

Accredited Debt Relief Company Overview

Accredited debt relief is a company that helps consumers to perform debt settlements. The company has a headquarters in California and has been assisting consumers since 2008 with their debt. Since they opened, they have helped thousands of people bounce back from their debt issues. The company assists with a vast assortment of debts including credit card bills, installment loans, unsecured personal loans and a slew of additional items. Many customers have attested to this company’s reliability in their Accredited Debt Relief reviews.

  • Minimum debt required: $7,500
  • Average debt: $30,000
  • Fees: 20 percent of the debt
  • Timeframe: 2-4 years
  • How much you are likely to save: 50 percent

How It Works

Accredited Debt Relief provides a number of services for debtors who are trying to get back on track. The debt settlement is only one service out of several that can help you if you fall behind or get caught in debt. Debt settlement is an agreement for the creditor to accept a lump sum payment that is not equal to the original debt. It may be 50% of the debt, 75% or something else.

The lender is in no way obligated to accept a debt settlement offer. However, many lenders work with the counselors at Accredited Debt Relief and negotiate for debt settlement. The lenders usually won’t agree until you save up lump sum payment. Before any negotiations take place, you have to put money away into an escrow account until you build it enough as to where the counselor can offer the creditor a lump sum for a settlement. Many people use this method because lenders would rather get some money from the debtor than none at all.

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Accredited Debt Relief also helps consumers with debt consolidation. The company gives a wealth of helpful information and instructions on how one can perform a debt consolidation. They can help such people to consolidate successfully, transfer balances, settle debts and more. Consumers take the advice of the experienced credit counselors, and they take steps to improve their situation. The Accredited Debt Relief reviews say it all.

The specialists at Accredited Debt Relief can also help debtors to budget their money better. They have tools such as budgeting worksheets and calculators that their clients can use. Overall, the company has quite a healthy suite of debt reparation services. Accredited Debt Relief has a strong reputation, a lengthy history and specialists on board who care. These persons genuinely want their clients to get relief.

Benefits of Using Accredited Debt Relief

All debt relief companies are not the same, so there are certainly some reasons why you should choose Accredited Debt Relief over the competition. One of those reasons is that it is an accredited company. Accredited Debt Relief has a Better Business Bureau profile with a rating of A+, which is just perfect. The Better Business Bureau is a longstanding organization that looks out for the interest of consumers. You can trust an A+ company.

The Better Business Bureau is not the only accreditation that Accredited Debt Relief has. They are also members of the International Association of Professional Debt Traders. They are proud members of the American Fair Credit Council, and they have a well-established reputation for complying with the Federal Trade Commission and all of their rules.

Accredited Debt Relief also has tenure, which is an important attribute. A company that has tenure knows what works and what doesn’t work. They know every trick of the trade. And they will try their best to get you the largest debt reduction possible.

Working with Accredited Debt Relief can help you to eliminate your debt in a very short amount of time. Perhaps that’s the most significant benefit that you will receive. Instead of having difficulty for 10 years or seven years, you may get back on track within 24 short months. It may take a short while longer, but the time frame will still be significantly shorter than as with other methods and other companies.

What Are the Risks?

As with any company, there are risks as well as benefits. The risk with Accredited Debt Relief, however, is very, very small. Some people worry about the money that they have to put into the escrow account. Being concerned about that is natural. However, the money is well protected, and it will be illegal for that company to exploit you in any way with your money or not provide the services that they claim they provide.

Overall, your chances of being hurt in any way are slim to none. Consumer reviews will tell you more information about that, however. The other risk is that the creditors are not going to accept the debt settlement requests they offer. They are not obligated to accept such offers. Therefore, they may decline. In that case, you will still have some of the same old debts that you had before. The Accredited Debt Relief review says that a such a rejection rarely happens, however.


Accredited Debt Relief has many examples of situations where they were able to get a client that reduced significantly. One example is a consumer who came in with $8.916 of debt. The client put money into the escrow account until he had saved up $3,567.

Accredited Debt Relief then sent a request to the creditor to settle the account for the $3,567 that the customer had put into the escrow account. The creditor accepted the offer, and the customer paid the account and settled it at 40 percent of the original debt amount. Many, many additional examples are available. Read the Accredited Debt Relief review for more news.

Useful Info

The phone number for Accredited Debt Relief is 866-345-5007. Interested persons can also send in a short online form. Debt relief experts are available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. To 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. They are available on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. The Accredited Debt Relief review raves about their convenient hours.

Bottom line

The bottom line in this Accredited Debt Relief review is that Accredited Debt Relief does work. As previously stated, they’ve assisted thousands of consumers. They have proven their reliability, and they have visual proof of their results that you can examine. You can have full confidence in this company that the specialists will work hard to get your debt reduced. If you have been struggling with an overwhelming debt profile, it may be worth the try. You have nothing to lose by giving them a call and speaking to one of the counselors. Thank you for reading our Accredited Debt Relief review, and make sure you share this information with anybody that you might know who needs help reducing their debt.

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