Hello readers,

I’m Kevin Monk and thank you so much for visiting my site.

It might have been just a few clicks for you, but it was a long journey for me. Not to worry, though, it was all worth it. You see, back when I was about 25, so when I literally had my entire life in front of me, I had an idea.

What if I could retire early?

My grandparents were already in Florida, enjoying the scorching heat and never ending long drinks, and I got inspired by that. I wanted the same type of situation, only sooner. A lot sooner. So I set a bar for myself. At first I thought 50. I made some calculations, took a look at the current market at that moment, took into account my studies, my job, how much it paid, my perspectives, how much I could save, and everything in between. It looked good.

Still, it didn’t look good enough. And that’s when it hit me. What if I could retire by the time I was 37? Would such a thing even be possible?

Having a degree in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin, I knew it could be possible. That’s when I started getting involved with investing.

I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours poring over definitions, research material, articles, and the markets themselves until I got the hang of it. Needless to say, I lost money and then I made money. It was a roller coaster, but I don’t regret one minute of it.

In two years’ time after I started this whole thing, I quit my job and decided to pursue my dream and the activity which I really loved doing. I was 27 then.

Fast forward 15 years and here we are. Now I have this website. I decided that it was high time for me to give something back. Therefore, I thought that some of you guys out there, who are interested in the same things as I am, including finding out ways in which you can retire by the age of 37, might benefit from the articles I wrote on here.

That being said, this is the place where you will find articles and advice on how to evaluate yourself, so as to find your best qualities, talents, and skills, and start working on those. Evidently, I will also introduce you to the world of financing and investing with articles written by myself on everything. From explanatory pieces, in which we will delve into the depths of investing and find out what different terms and concepts mean, to opinion pieces and why I think some things are better than others, to pieces in which I explain the choices I made and which brought me where I am today, to pieces where I give you advice on where to start your own adventure of retiring before 37 and how to manage it along the way.

And if you’re wondering what I’m doing now? Tina, my wife of 2 years is now pregnant with our second baby boy. His name will be Brooklyn and we hope he hasn’t inherited his older brother’s passion for riding our dog Scoob. I have another financing website, I travel, read, write, eat as much pasta as I can and play baseball. Not a bad retirement, right?