Lexington Law Debt Consolidation Review

Lexington law provides credit repair services in all 50 states. By working with Lexington Law, clients are able to gain insight into their own credit situations and benefit from the credit repair expertise of Lexington Law staff. The firm researches its client’s credit histories, has inaccurate information removed from clients’ credit reports, and takes any legal action necessary. Clients also receive a credit score analysis and Lexington Law debt consolidation reviews, if needed. Repairing credit saves consumers thousands of dollars in interest payments. Below you can find more information about the company’s services, pros and cons.

What is Lexington Law Firm?

Lexington Law Firm is one of the leading credit repair law firms in the United States. The company is headquartered in Utah. It has law offices in 14 other states and operates in all 50 states.

The firm was founded on the principle of defending consumer rights when it comes to credit reports and scoring. Many consumers are harmed by inaccurate information that is compiled in their credit reports. The firm employs teams of attorneys and paralegals at its offices who are experts in credit analysis, credit-reporting law, and credit repair. Services include credit report disputes and creditor intervention.

How It Works

Lexington Law has been providing credit-repair services for 27 years. The firm began its consumer advocacy practice after lawmakers passed the first consumer protection statutes that allowed credit repair. Prior to these statutes, credit reports and scores were subject to little oversight. Often, people suffered because of inaccurate information.

Much of this inaccurate information was used as a pretext for charging consumers excess interest and fees. Credit reporting agencies also closely guarded the formulas used to determine credit scores. Left in the dark, consumers had no way of knowing how their creditworthiness was being judged.

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Some people ask, is Lexington Law Firm a good company? They find the answer is yes because Lexington Law assists people with both credit analysis and credit repair. To know more about customer feedback about this firm, check out Lexington Law debt consolidation reviews.

The Lexington Law credit repair process begins with case intake. During intake, Lexington Law staff access the client’s Experian, Equifax, and Transunion credit reports. The firm analyses the reports and discovers what negative information may be hampering credit score performance. Lexington Law representatives gather information about each negative instance from the client. Because each case is unique, understanding the full story behind each situation is essential.

The attorneys and paralegals assigned to your case review the credit reports and determine any legal action. They direct correspondence to the appropriate parties, either at the credit bureaus or creditors. Lexington Law uses the strategy that is most helpful in rebuilding your credit score.

Clients also receive a credit score analysis. The analysis details what factors are helping and hindering a credit score. Clients also receive tips on how to increase their credit scores over time. In addition, clients receive ongoing support and advice.

Benefits of Using Lexington Law

In Lexington Law debt consolidation reviews, clients point to increased credit scores as a primary benefit. After starting the service, clients reported an average of 10.2 negative removals from their credit reports. Due to these improvements, clients found they were able to qualify for lower-interest loans, including credit cards, installment loans, and auto loans. Many clients were also able to qualify for a mortgage at an affordable interest rate.

Lexington Law clients also report enjoying immediate relief from creditor harassment. Before starting with Lexington Law, many clients were beleaguered by creditor harassment through the mail and on the telephone. They were bothered and often embarrassed at their places of work.

Creditors often engage in unwarranted and unlawful tactics. Often, these tactics revolve around threatening an illegal action. For instance, creditors often try to make debtors believe that, unless they make a payment right away, the creditor will seize their paycheck. No creditor can seize a paycheck. Though wage garnishments can occur, these require court approval.

Lexington Law puts a stop to all creditor harassment and illegal activity. The firm asserts its clients’ rights under The Fair Credit Reporting Act and pursues tough legal action against unsavory collection agencies. One call to Lexington Law ends creditor harassment fast.

What are the Risks?

Credit repair comes with no risks to the client. Cleaning inaccurate information off of a credit report never damages a client’s credit standing. Lexington Law staff targets damaging information for removal. When these items are removed, clients have increased access to affordable credit opportunities.

As shown in Lexington Law debt consolidation reviews, the firm is expert in dispensing advice about credit risks faced by its clients. For example, many clients considering credit repair also consider debt consolidation. As noted on the Lexington Law blog, debt consolidation can be a good option for some, but the risks must be evaluated. Debt consolidation is not the best option in all cases.

Debt consolidation involves paying off a variety of accounts with a debt consolidation loan. The consolidation loan is generally at a substantially lower interest rate than the other accounts. Customers also have the option of taking out a longer-term loan, which makes the monthly payments more comfortable.

Overall, debt consolidation loans save customers money and increase their credit scores. However, there are several situations where debt consolidation loans may not be helpful. In some cases, the borrower may pay more over time. Also, a borrower may qualify only for rates that are too high.

If considering bankruptcy, it’s wise to avoid debt consolidation as some of these loans are not dischargeable. Debt consolidation, when tied to a mortgage, puts a home at risk. Customers need to be careful about paying off unsecured debt with a second mortgage or cash-out refinance. Finally, after getting a debt consolidation loan, many borrowers simply rack up more debt on their now paid-off credit cards.


Many times, customers are uncertain about debt consolidation loans. Lexington Law debt consolidation reviews can assist in determining if the loan is of benefit. To be of benefit, the loan must assist the customer in getting out of debt for the long term.

Often, clients are uncertain of the impact of certain credit accounts on their reports. A review by Lexington Law determines which accounts are negatively affecting credit score and gets inaccuracies removed. As explained in many Lexington Law debt consolidation reviews, it’s easy to get started. Customers can contact the company and choose between three levels of service.

The Standard Plan covers all credit disputes. The Concord Premier Plan adds inquiry assist and monthly credit monitoring and advice. PremierPlus includes drafting of cease-and-desist letters, monthly FICO score monitoring, and real-time identity fraud alerts.

Useful Info

To get started with Lexington Law, call (855)387-0118. You will receive a free credit repair consultation. Alternatively, you can sign up online at Lexingtonlaw.com/signup. The process takes just a few short minutes and can save you thousands of dollars.

Bottom Line

If you are struggling with overwhelming debt and your credit has been damaged by negative reporting, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest rates and fees. Don’t let creditors take advantage of you. Contact Lexington Law to get your credit repaired and those creditors off your back.

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